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Welcome to our Chaplaincy Page

Our Chaplaincy team

meets regularly and our termly meetings are attended by Sister Yvonne, one of our Parent Governors and members of staff from across the school.

September 2014 - July 2015

Community Matters, November 2014, has liturgical dates, information on our charities and collective worships which families are welcome to join. (Click Community Matters).


September 2013 - July 2014

Ubi caritas et amour Deus ibi est

Where there is charity and love, God is there




We contacted you at the end of the Summer term to ask for suggestions of charities that
you would like us to support during this academic year. We had one response addressed to
our Children’s Chaplaincy Team describing the wonderful work of the Bletchley based
charity, “Toy Box”.
This is a charity that works with street children in Latin America, primarily in the countries of
Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru and Bolivia. Toy Box’s work consists of helping
children who are on the edge of being forced to live on the streets and rescuing children
who live on the streets and providing them with a safe home. Once the children are in a safe
home the charity supports them in whatever way is needed.
The street children of Guatemala were generally not born within a hospital and their births
have not been registered. This results in them never being able to own an identity card and
therefore never being able to own a home, marry or access some very basic services. Mary
and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem to register their own births in the great Census of that
time. It seems fitting that the focus of our Charity work for the coming months should be on
helping Toy Box to register the births of as many street children in Guatemala in order to
help them to have a future with opportunities that we take for granted. It costs approximately
£30 to register the birth of a street child. Let’s see how many we can register with your
generous support.



On this mountain,

For all peoples,

The Lord is preparing

A banquet of rich food

Isaiah 25:6


Children’s Chaplaincy

We have recently set up our children’s Chaplaincy team and the children are attending events, such as the NORES schools mass in Dunstable, as well as being active in our fund raising. 

Fund Raising and Supporting Charities

Our most recent fund raising event was the Harvest Thanks giving.  We collected tins and packets of food for the Milton Keynes Food Bank.  This year we collected more food than ever!  Thank you all for your support.  The Food Bank are very grateful for our support.  Mr John Marshall of the Food Bank, came to our school to take the food we had collected;  he was overjoyed at the amount we had and he gave his thanks on behalf of all the people who will benefit from your generosity.









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