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Catholic Life - Rainbows




“Rainbows for all God’s Children”, is a programme which seeks to offer special support to children in Years 2-6 who have suffered, or are suffering, as a result of a significant loss in their lives.


When something serious happens in a family, death, separation or divorce, the entire family is affected but it is often regarded as a grown-up problem, which goes over the head of the children.  Unfortunately it does not and, because of their age and short life experience, children find it difficult to verbalise their feelings about the event over which their parents are grieving.


Trained facilitators for Rainbows run support groups in school where children come together and, in confidence, are encouraged to:

  • put their feelings into words;
  • work through their grief;
  • build a stronger sense of self-esteem;
  • begin to accept what has taken place.


The programme generally runs during Advent and for a few weeks after Christmas.






Rainbows leaflet - Parent/Carer information

Application/consent form

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