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Catholic Life - Chaplaincy Teams



Children’s chaplaincy team children’s chaplaincy team act as role models who promote the Catholic life of our school. In the summer term children in years 2-5 can apply to become members of the children’s chaplaincy team. They complete an application form and then, if shortlisted, attend an interview to become a member. There are representatives from each class in KS2 on our children’s chaplaincy team.


The Children’s chaplaincy team play a key role in the prayer life of our school, by attending the Dunstable Schools Mass in the Autumn term and helping out at key events throughout the school year, such as during masses or religious celebrations. They also help out at the weekly lunch time prayer zone and Stations of the Cross during Lent.


One of the most important jobs the children do deciding which charity we should help. They have regular meetings to discuss which charities we could support and how we could fundraise. current (2016-2017) children’s chaplaincy members are:


Year group/class

Team Member

Year 3/Panda

Rosa and Vanessa

Year 3/ Kangaroo

Lili and Jo

Year 4/ Lion

Emily and Kenneth

Year 4/ Leopard

Aoife and Tia

Year 5/ Eagle

Tadiwa and Kinga

Year 5/ Falcon

Bridy and Michelle

Year 6/ Comet

Daniel, Kofi and Leonel

Year 6/ Meteor

Katie and Tristan





Adults’ chaplaincy team


Our chaplaincy team meet half-termly to discuss the Catholic Life of our school. This includes making plans for the liturgical year, including discussing masses and special religious celebrations. We also discuss our charity focus and anything else that is linked to the Catholic Life of our school. Members of our school community who have suggestions or ideas for how we can develop the Catholic Life of our school can contact members of the chaplaincy team.


Our adults’ chaplaincy is open to all members of staff. The current members are:

Sr. Yvonne –

Our Chaplain and RE governor

Mrs Clewlow

Head teacher

Mrs Zamora

Deputy Head teacher

Mrs Clarke

RE Leader of learning

Mrs Bland


Mr Penny

Learning Mentor

Mrs Denieffe

Parent/ lunch-time supervisor

Miss O’Hanlon


Mrs Morris


Mrs Llewellyn HLTA














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